Tug Joseph George - Truckable Tug

Length: 25ft, Width: 14ft, Depth: 10ft
Chester Boat Works Truckable Tug Boat. 
Transportation - A single drop deck trailer with 38' deck will accommodate the tug, upper wheelhouse and lower wheelhouse.
Highest point is 10'-6" (hand grab on push knee).
Total weight is approximately 32,000 pounds.
5'-8" from water line to top of push knees.
Push knee extensions available. 
Fuel transfer pump w/ hose. 
Radar system. 
Navigation Plotter. 
2ea. hand operated tow winches.

Used for marine construction, tug boat, push boat, work boat, shuttle/material ferry, and crew boat.  

Main Engine(s) 2 EA - John Deere - 6 Cylinder

Horsepower: 600 HP

Fuel Type: Diesel

Push Knee Extensions